The Safety Guru

Steve LogoHi my name is Steve Krause. 

People I work with call me The Safety and Success Guru because I know how to help leaders to identify the key critical issues that are preventing growth and success in their business.

I provide full service consulting solutions that have already helped thousands of individuals and businesses throughout the world to increase performance throughout their entire organisation and grow with measurable success.

Discover how to fully capitilise on your greatest assets your people, by teaching them to bridge the gap between roles and performance and unleash the power of their individual talents and genius.

My approach towards maximising safety performance is based around my proven award winning success model “Thinksafe-Worksafe” which utilises universal principles that build bridges of trust and respect between the people who create productivity, sales and safety within an organisation.

By changing the way you focus on people… an organisation can very rapidly improve their performance levels in both safety and productivity, creating a sustainable safety culture that can catapult an organisation towards new levels of success.

I work with professionals who aspire to be the best and are proud of what they have achieved but know they can be more. I teach them how to focus on 100% safety success and take action to produce results; how to develop the zero incident mindset needed to make sustainable long-term safety a reality in your organisation.

If you are looking for ways to reduce incidents and accidents, improve productivity, accelerate success and increase the safety and well-being of the people in your teams, if you want a package that can deliver the full programme with solutions to all the challenges human beings have and create working, or trying to work together… I’d love to meet with you…

Steve Krause. CEO

Krause Consultancy / Krause Training Group


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