Our Products

Below are the list of products we currently manufacture at our facility. 

A safeguard suit to protect from Biofluids, Viruses, Blood splatters and sloshes. Covers your full body, Does Not allow any liquids or aerosols splashing into it.

Gowns are used on top of Surgeons Scrubs or Outfit to protect from all blood & body fluids stains moreover this prevents your body from germs and viruses.

Scrubs are sanitized cloths worn by Surgeons, Physicians, Doctors and other Patient care workers. Scrubs avoid outside environmental germs into the hospital.

Bed Sheets are used to cover the hospital beds, Helps prevent germs and viruses from previous patients,  provides good comfort to patients & are Disposable.

These are disposable pillow covers which avoid contagious viruses spreading from the previous patients. Comfortable and germfree.

3 ply masks limit the spread of respiratory diseases, splashes of blood and biofluids and avoid aerosols passing through the mask. These come with a nose pin.

Gives a Snug fit around the nose and mouth. prevents 95% of germs and airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

Hang gloves protect your hands from germs, Biofluids, bloods and dirt. These provide a comfortable fit & prevents odor due to sweat.

Goggles enclose the area surrounding your eyes and protect from accidental spills, bloods, infectious materials and viruses. 

Face shields give a complete protection to one’s face from saliva splatters, dust, infectious materials and viruses. Easy to wear and can be sterilized.

Shoe covers act as a shield against exposure to airborne organisms and physical contacts in a contaminant environment.

These bags are used to dispose of all the used medical material that may be contaminated and need a more safer disposing