Disposable Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets are used to cover the hospital beds, Helps prevent germs and viruses from previous patients,  provides good comfort to patients & are Disposable.

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Disposable Bed Sheets are the ideal solution to protect and guard against incontinence and spills. This bedsheet is made from non-woven fabric . It is a non-woven material that is designed for single use.

These disposable bed sheets comes in one size 63×72.

Disposable sheets are safe and non-polluting. The quality determines the quality: high-density single-layer material, waterproof, oil-proof, hygienic, and breathable. Soft and comfortable. Uses: It can meet your needs and easily match the bed or table.

As the name suggests, disposable bedsheets are those that you can dispose of when necessary. These sheets are easy to put on, as well as remove from the bed.

Disposable material smooth skin-friendly and lightweight. Lightweight but enough large can cover up the whole body.

They can be used in a variety of settings such as in clinics & hospitals, homes, parlors, spas, and salons. Disposable bed sheets are also a cost-effective alternative to covers that require washing and are ideal for single-patient use in a medical setting or temporary visitors in a care home, hotel, home and more.

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