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PPE coveralls are waterproof or splash proof against harmful liquid chemicals commonly used in many medical and manufacturing industries. These waterproof coveralls also protect against dry particulates and are made of durable, but breathable and comfortable materials that allow ease of movement while working.

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Coveralls are essentially a full body protection suit, generally worn over the top of personal clothing, and can protect workers against a number of hazards, including hazards of a chemical, mechanical, thermal or biological nature.

A long sleeved shirt and trousers should always be worn to provide a barrier between the coverall and the skin.

The fabric material for manufacturing PPE coverall are synthetic fibres, such as, polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE), and nylon 6,6.

In general, most PPE cleared by the FDA is intended to be used only one time and by one person. Sharing PPE is not advised. The protective capabilities of single use PPE cannot be assured when it is reused by the same person or used by more than one person.

Disposable PPE is designed to be used only one time and by one person; it cannot be washed. Washing PPE changes its protective or barrier capabilities, and it may no longer be effective.

Overalls are also known as bib and brace overalls ( protective clothing) during working. Coveralls are an extended version of overalls, used in work environments where more care is needed. 

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